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Sample Sales Page

Improve the Conversion Experience (a Sample Sales Page)

Sample Conversion Page for Increased SalesBy clicking that monstrous button in the navigation, you’ve started a conversation with the website. Essentially you’ve said “okay, I’ll bite, tell me more“. This is the opportunity point for the webmaster to create a Sales Page, to attempt to move the conversation forward.

What Should Be on a Sales Page?

Sales Principles. That’s right, all those nasty things your car salesman did to get you to fall in love with that piece of junk you’re driving around right now. These principles include, but are not any anyway limited to: These principles combined with an irresistible offer and a great call-to-action (uh hem, “Click Me”) will help you get the sale, or to at least move them to the next stage.

Conversion Paths

The historical rule to any only transaction is “the fewer the clicks, the faster the sale”. In most cases, for an affordable product, this still holds true; provided of course that the site provides a good user experience. However, consumers are becoming more acclimated to the Internet and the options the new shopping platform provides. Sometimes a quick transaction isn’t enough, especially in the case where a product carries a price over $100. The new rule of thumb might parallel a chart reflecting an upward curve in price with an upward curve in content required. Sample Sales Page Graph Ion Interactive created a product several years ago that they called “Liveball”. Liveball costs well over $4,000 just to get setup and a percentage of your pay-per-click ad spend to use. However, getting to play around with the program myself, I fell in love with the product. In the simplest words, here’s what their program did:
  • Create several landing page with a different experience on each
  • Ask 1 question with 1 to 3 answers possible (starts the conversation)
  • After a series of questions, identify with the need of the customer
  • Include imagery, video and other media; limit scrolling
  • Correlate the need to the product benefits
  • Capture the lead info with no obligation
  • Capture the sale for a price
Isn’t it fascinating how the above looks a lot like a funnel? The Liveball product was very similar, guiding prospects into a Conversion Funnel, or dozens of funnels. Rotating questions, answers, images, videos with each experience, the Liveball product actually created a “bubble” that isolated the experience that had the best conversion rate at the lowest cost. Pretty cool right? Only I can’t think of anyone who can afford $4k, so for the most part you’re on your own with replicating this exercise. I would start by identifying your product cost. If it’s under $100 and you have more than 10 products, I’d recommend replicating an experience similar to Amazon.com using an SEO-friendly eCommerce platform, such as SEO-Cart.com. If your product is over $100, put some real time in making this Sales Page convincing, beautiful, not-too wordy and inclusive of the Sales Principles outlined above.

What Would You Like to Do?

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