You can buy a $400 book from Marketing Sherpa (which I recommend for geeks like me), or you can take the simple approach to getting the user to share their information with you. Undoubtedly, your biggest challenge will be convincing Marketing to allow you to reduce the fields on your information form. Some people don’t like to share their information online, therefore, you should not require them to. Some people are shy and don’t want to chat on the phone, so in some cases you may need to not require a phone number either.


If you’re to have a form, you need to tell the visitor what you plan to do with their information. Having a link to a Privacy Policy page will not only reassure your guest, but will also help your paid advertising efforts, as Google will reward you with a better Quality Score for these type of considerations. Below is a basic form that will work just fine. If your department needs to spend an extra 15 minutes to fill out a form on behalf a client instead of losing the client to a competitor with a shorter field, I say do it.

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Conversion Form Example

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