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Why Free Downloads Work

Offer a free download by first requiring an valid email give your marketing department future opportunities to contact a prospect. If you word your free download with “to prevent spam and web bots we require a valid email address”, you give an excuse as to why you need their information. Just be clear in your privacy policy about how you intend to use their information.

Why Free Downloads Don’t Work

30% or more of the free downloads I give away are moochers and people looking for free handouts. It’s funny too if you think about it. I’ve had a salesperson call a prospect who downloaded a free SEO eBook. The salesperson said “Hi, I’m calling because you recently downloaded information about search engine optimization and wanted to see if we could be of any assistance.” The lead actually said, “no, I don’t need SEO, thanks”. Why on Earth would someone download a free guide on SEO if they aren’t looking for SEO? Who knows. People like to click stuff and apparently there are a lot of bored people in the world who click just to click. That being said, 70% of the downloads are worth something. Just make sure to factor that 70% “real people” skew into your ROI estimating and you’ll be just fine.
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