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Secret Confirmation Page | SEOStandards.org
You’ve reached a confirmation page that can’t be found in Google’s search results and can only be reached after you have filled out a Contact or Request Information form. The typical response on this page is “Thanks for contacting us, we’ll be in touch shortly”, but this is also an opportunity to up-sell your customer on a special online-only offer. You’ll notice that most of the online flower stores include the up-sell after a purchase.

Why is this Page Secret?

There are two main reasons that this page should not be findable. The first is so that your Conversion Tracking statistics don’t get skewed if someone were to navigate to this page instead of be returned to after completing a form. Secondly, if there were a purchase download or free information on this page, smart searchers will find it through Google instead of sharing their information or having to purchase a product.

Using AdWords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search or Microsoft Ad Center?

This is the page you’ll want to add your Conversion Code. Don’t worry about all the load time issues, remember, we’re blocking this page from being indexed. If you’re using WordPress (like this website is), you’ll want to make sure you are in HTML mode in the text editor when you paste your code, otherwise the code will get converted to plain text.

Get Free Stuff From Followed Pages

We’ve added an attribute to this page that prevents it from being indexed by the search engines. It’s a simple meta tag that looks like this: <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" /> However, other webmasters aren’t as smart and leave their pages vulnerable to search engine uses. See for yourself in the example below. Definitely tell your friends to try a form at SEOStandards.org after you try this and get free stuff. Okay, open a new tab and go to Google.com. Use one of the following parameters as your query. I know, you love us (so share with your friends, will ya?).

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