Benchmarking SEO Stats

Posted on Oct 10, 2010
There are number of ways you can capture current information about your website’s current SEO performance. The simplest way is to create a free Google Analytics (GA) account and track a few actions (called Goals in GA). With at least a month or two of data collection, you’ll be able to capture some pretty fascinating information. Actions you can track include:
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Orders / purchases
  • eCommerce & revenue data (call your Developer)
  • File downloads
  • Contact & information request forms
  • and more.
The more intricate, and potentially more expensive, method is to run a Sponsored Ads campaign with the guidance of a seasoned Search Engine Marketing Expert (visit to locate one). Using a pay-per-click bidding model, you can get visibility for just about any keyword you and your SEM Expert can think of. As you continue to optimize this PPC campaign, you’ll begin to learn which keywords produce the most actions and what cost. The cost per action (CPA) is a very efficient measure to qualify continued bidding and to justify the creation of content for SEO purposes.