Measure Link Building Efforts

Posted on Oct 10, 2010
Yes, you can measure link building, but it is definitely not a perfect science. Start by identifying a number of pages on your website that you’d like to see higher ranking on. You can also use your homepage if you’re measuring your top-performing 1-5 keywords. Thanks to Google Caffeine update, pages are getting indexed much faster, so you can now measure almost on a monthly basisHere’s the formula to use:
  • Using whatever tracking mechanism is easiest for you (Excel will do just fine), list your top-performing search terms and current ranking (use the ranking data from Google Webmaster Tools)
  • After 3 months of earning links from your awesome content and word of mouth, measure your ranking
  • Then dive into your Google Analytics and see how much revenue the keyword/page you are optimizing has generated
  • If you are tracking leads, do your own offline match of how much revenue each lead generates for you
  • Repeat at 6, 9 and 12 months if you have identified potential. If your ranking and traffic improve, but not your actions, STOP focusing on that term and move on to the next one
  • Based on your tracking, invest the number of hours and resources you deem appropriate to sustain profitability