Measuring SEO Ranking

Posted on Oct 10, 2010

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Measuring the current position of your website for a keyword is a controversial issue, being that automated queries on a search engine’s database typically violate their terms and conditions. However, Google recently added a section within their Webmaster Tools to allow website owners to see where they currently rate. With over 60% market share in the search engine, using Google to test performance is definitely justifiable.

So here is how you measure your ranking:

  • Based on your own data from Google Analytics, compile a list of top-performing search terms
  • Periodically (once a month is more than enough for me) login to Webmaster Tools and compare lists
  • Use a spreadsheet and track monthly stats, 3-month change, and YTD data

It’s important to keep in mind that PPC keywords may convert differently than SEO keywords, so plan on creating new content and updating your list of most valuable search terms.