Off-Page SEO Audit Checklist

Posted on Oct 10, 2010

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The checklist below will help you improve your visibility over time. I strongly advise against launching a new website and raising a flag with Google by acquiring a massive amount of links all at once. Keep your campaign as organic as possible. Don’t make your link building look like a blurp on a chart, make your link building look like Google’s stock chart from 2004 to 2008 (you know what I mean). SEO Audit Checklist - Image of Google Stock Change Should Be Similar to Link Building Additionally, getting a mention can in some cases be just as important as getting a link, so don’t discount the value of a profile on a trusted website just because they won’t link. Ask the major brands what life was like after the Vince update and you’re sure to get a smile.
  • NOT having link acquisition from known link brokers
  • Not having excessive repetition of the same anchor text in external links
  • Utilizing online classifieds websites for SEO
  • Domain registration with Google, Yahoo! & Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Website is listed in trusted web directories
  • Business is listed in trusted business directories
  • Website is listed where competitors are listed
  • Website is listed with relevant associations & organizations
  • Website continues to receive fresh bookmark links
  • Business has an active profile & presence in Twitter
  • Business has an active profile & presence in Facebook
  • Business has an active profile & presence in YouTube
  • Business and pages within the website are mentioned frequently in the Blogosphere
  • Business produces content noteworthy of being referenced by university websites
  • Business is mentioned by government websites for providing community services
  • Website is mentioned frequently in conjunction to the product or services offered
  • Products and services are mention in conjunction to the brand in Craigslist, eBay, etc
  • Affiliates can register their domains during signup and receive static affiliate links
  • Product/Service Expert has featured articles in popular online publications
  • Product/Service Expert is interviewed and written about by online newspapers
  • Questions answered frequently in Q&A websites (Askville, Yahoo! Answers, etc)
  • Friends, fans, and followers are sharing useful or extremely funny (or both) content
  • Other industry experts are entertained and mention the business in a blog posts
  • Business is mentioned anytime a Google or Yahoo! Alert lists a competitor
  • Inclusion of feeds from the domain in Google News
  • Domain “mentions” (text citations of the domain name)
  • Inclusion of feeds from the Domain in Google Blog Search
  • Citations/references in the Yahoo! Directory
  • Citations/references of the domain in
  • Citations/references of the domain in Wikipedia
  • Citations/references of the domain in
  • (Local) Get Business Reviews to Influence CTR
  • (Local) Manual review/targeting by Google Engineers and/or Quality Raters
  • (Local) Geo-targeting preference set inside Google Webmaster Tools
  • (Local) Registration of the site with Google Local in the country/region
  • (Local) Address associated with the registration of the domain