Using Online Classifieds for SEO

Posted on Feb 15, 2010
To get maximum exposure to a product or service quickly without having to depend on your main target website to go through the usual scrutiny the search engines will have for your product page, you can try using online classifieds for SEO. This technique is used more for short term buying or leveraging third party websites to quickly sell a product or service. Here’s how it works: simply add your product or service to a popular online classifieds website using descriptive headings and body text. Do some keyword research using the Google AdWords tool or any other keyword tool to decide what phrase to emphasize within the listing.

Search Engine Optimization + Online Classifieds

In the example within the video above, I used the query: “used maple office desk la mirada ca” to test with. The destination was Main Street Fair, which I verified included my product in the HTML title, meta description, and heading before posting. Then I added the body text, insuring that the main keywords were also used in this description area. The more details you provide, the more likely your page will earn higher ranking. I also made sure not to copy/paste from some other website. Within a short period of time, the page was indexed and ranking well in the search results. Of course, after I announced the benefit, the search volume for the query I used went up immediately and everyone clicked my listing, which caused Google to filter out the search result due to bias CTR influenced by the abnormality of searches and click choices. Watch the video above to learn more about how to use online classifieds website for search engine optimization.