Web Page SEO Audit Checklist

Posted on Oct 10, 2010

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So you’ve made your website search engine-friendly, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to suddenly appear for every keyword you’d like to rank for in the search results. The following website-level, on-page SEO audit checklist relates to the individual pages that you will be creating targeting specific keywords (or keyword themes).
  • NOT keyword stuffing in the on-page text
  • NOT keyword stuffing in the title tag
  • NOT cloaking by JavaScript/rich media support detection
  • NOT cloaking by cookie detection
  • NOT using of “poison” keywords in anchor text of external links
  • NOT linking to domain banned from Google’s index for web spam
  • NOT having excessive number of dynamic parameters in the URL
  • Compiled a Content Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Title tag principles used on keyword-targeted pages
  • Including an engaging, useful video between text on the page
  • Average “time on page” duration
  • Existence of substantive, unique content on the page
  • Keyword use in the meta description tag
  • Keyword use in the page name URL
  • Keyword use anywhere in the H1 headline tag
  • Total page size is under 150k
  • Use of links on the page that point to other URLs on the domain
  • Keyword Use in <strong> tags
  • Short or moderate URL length
  • Location in information architecture of the website
  • Keyword use in image names included on the page
  • Keyword use in image alt text
  • Using keyword-rich links in anchor text (not necessarily w/target keyword)
  • Conversion form exists
  • Page contains less than 100 outbound links
  • Images are optimized for faster loading
  • Keyword density proportional
  • Keyword use in the first 50-100 words in HTML on the page
  • Keyword Use in other headline tags (<h2> – <h6>)
  • (Local) Not using an 800 number exclusively
  • (Local) Business name, city and state in title
  • (Local) Address in on-page text content
  • (Local) Product/service used in URL