Website SEO Audit Checklist

Posted on Oct 10, 2010

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The list below involves changes you can make on your website that may increase your ranking in the search results. These tasks involve making your website search engine-friendly, reducing duplicate content, and avoiding actions that could get your website penalized. I chose the order, email me if you disagree with the sequence or verbiage.
  • NOT cloaking with malicious/manipulative intent
  • cloaking by user agent
  • NOT hiding text with CSS
  • NOT cloaking by IP address
  • Site is not created in Full Flash
  • Site is not created with frames
  • Broken links and images fixed
  • HTML validation to W3C standards
  • CSS validation to W3C standards
  • CSS table-less template used
  • Average “time on site” duration greater than 2 min
  • Keyword-focused anchor text from internal links
  • Duplicate titles and meta descriptions corrected
  • Internal link popularity adjusted
  • Non WWW 301 redirect corrected
  • Custom 404 page added
  • Trailing slash on pages without file name extensions
  • Server/hosting uptime verified
  • Use of an inclusive or segmented sitemap
  • Dynamic URLs replaced with static or fixed with canonical tag
  • Use of XML sitemap(s)
  • JavaScripts extracted to JS folder
  • CSS styles extracted to CSS folder
  • Use of feeds on the domain
  • Use of external links to reputable, trustworthy sites/pages
  • Google Analytics installed (for your analyst)
  • (Local) Country code TLD of the root domain
  • (Local) Language of the content used on the site
  • (Local) Geographic location of the host IP address of the domain